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ASP - Active Server Pages - Microsoft's server side web development platform evolved into ASP.Net in 2002 while providing web developer with tools to make dynamic web sites and web services in efficient manner.

It is based on .Net Framework and makes the Object Oriented Programming more appealing in a range of programming languages including C#, and a few more.

Microsoft has been upgrading the .Net Framework since its inception. At present, it is .Net Framework 4.5.

Follow, Learn and Apply ASP.Net

This is a collection of ASP.Net tutorials written in C#. New tutorials are added to the collection regularly.

The emphasis is on the real life application rather than teaching the basics.











Resources at Fingertips

There is a significant selection of tutorials here, covering ASP.Net, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. They are categorized clearly for you to access them easily on any device - desktops/laptops, smartphones and laptops.
There are quite a few of them on HTML5 Canvas and CSS3. In addition, there are tutorials on JavaScript and ASP.Net too.

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Recommended Reading


The best book to master HTML5 canvas animations. The author tells you how to manipulate the canvas element with JavaScript in a progressive way - starting from the easier to harder worked examples. It is ideal for anyone who wants to be a game developer in HTML5.